Magnet therapy?

Hi I’ve been diagnosed with SCA3.

Thank you so much. Just reading the postings and realizing that I could have written it has already helped. I’m finding the section on complementary therapies to be very helpful.

i dont have SCA 3 . ive cerebellum ataxia. ive had magnet therapy experiance for over 35 years and its helped me alot. i have balance problems and the magnets have got me walking normal . what state are you from? my ataxia was caused from taking medication for 56 years. are you seeing a dr.?if no see a neuroloist.if you want to know more about the magnet ill tell you. bobby

Hi! Yes I’m in the US. I have a great neurologist who also has great compassion. I think it’s because he’s the director of the movement disorders clinic so he’s very attuned to the challenges.

I would love to learn more about the magnets that you have mentioned. I welcome any alternative therapy as traditional physical therapy hasn’t really worked. Even my therapist stated there’s not a lot he can do for me. He said I’m actually doing the best thing by going to work every day.

I’m sorry I’m in NYS.

I would like to point out that it is very important to keep your body in as good as condition as it allows you to. That might be by exercise or diet. Our bodies are working very hard just trying to do normal things that healthy people take for granted. Our bodies are kinda broken [so to speak] so we must do the work to have it be the best that it can be.

My neurologist released me from further exams since there is nothing more that he can do for me. I had to agree with that because I was sick of being sick and going through the same exam exercises and hearing that nothing could be done. Throwing good money after bad money [if you know what I mean] regarding doctor visits that go nowhere is not what I look forward to.

If there is actually something new, I will hear it here or at the NAF site. I’m not suggesting this to everyone. But after 50 years of dealing with this illness, this is now my thinking.

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Bobby, I bought the magnet but did not experience an improvement. I’m very glad it works for you.

Give it a couple days

How does one use magnets? What are they supposed to do?

go to www. i dont recommen to use any brand cause there are copy cats out on the market today that claim that have the magnets in them but dont. ive been using the magnets for over 35 years and done me great.they have insoles ,circular ,magboy,all kind of magnets that you can use if you want to get in to it. if you want to and go in private chat and set up a time let me know.

Beware of snake oil salesman.

Bobby- are you using magnetic insoles?

hi, thats good you can work cause i cant. im 61. the magnets works with the magnetic field in your body. when you where the magnets they get together & work together. they are meant to help ease pain but no cure the problem. but ive found out ive wore the insoles & the necklace around my neck and it has made me walk a lot better.go to that website i gave you. you should get a better understanding of it in detail.they cant do much for me going next week to get fitted for a balancing vest. talk to you later

Hi, thank you for the information. I am unaware of the alternative therapies, which is one of the many things I’m grateful to this site for.

now if you can do physical therapy thats good . but i cant. it throws off my equalibium. do balance exercises if you want.

Yes I am. I would recommend them. I myself recommended Nikken brand.

Rose, there are a lot of copy cats out there saying they use magnets in there products and they don’t put in the required amount. I stick to the Nikken brand

To be sure, are you talking about this?

That’s the magnets I’m talking about. But refresh me about your problem and if you want to start using them I’ll tell what product to use

I have SCA-6 My symptoms started 12-13 years ago.I am 67 now. Where do you put the magnets and how long do you wear it a day?