Fund Raiser for John "JC" Colyer

I am a member with ataxia of the "Living With Ataxia" site. I found out recently that one of our commentators, JC, lives in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. He was catastrophically affected by hurricane Sandy. Scott Orn, another commentator, set up a fund raiser for JC through the site "GoFundMe". The goal is to raise $2000, and so far they've raised $910 to help JC. He had to evacuate where he lived and still hasn't been able to go home. I'm certain physically and emotionally that was, and is, difficult! I thought I'd let others know about this, as I had no idea! JC is one of our own and very special. I wish him the best!!!

Kudos for the recognition to John. Heaven knows he would not ask for help himself. I have not been on the site for a while but now, I plan to help.
John reach out if you need a shoulder, you have certainly been there for us.

i cannot find this site. Could you help me?


Hi Akita, If you receive the "Ben's Friends Newsletter" (per email), there's a link to help John "JC" Colyer in the November 2012 issue. The link will take you to the "GoFundMe" page where you can donate. If you don't receive the email newsletter, Google "ben's friends newsletter november 2012" and click on the link for JC. You'll go to the "GoFundMe" page where you can donate. If you have any problems, feel free to express them and I'll try to help... ;o)