Fund Raiser for John "JC" Colyer

Hi All, I am a member of this site. One of our dear moderators, John "JC" Colyer needs our help. JC was displaced from his home (Seaside Heights) due to hurricane Sandy. He is staying in temporary lodging, and will not be able to return home for several weeks. I'm certain physically and emotionally this has taken a tremendous toll on JC. If you'd like to help, go to the November 2012 Ben's Friend's Newsletter and click on the GoFundMe link. I'm sure we all wish nothing but the best for JC, after this catastrophic event! Thank you..., ;o)

Hi-Do you have a link that you could post for us unable to find it? Thanks!

The link to the fundraiser is:

About This Page

JC is an incredible Moderator across all of the Ben's Friends Patient Support Sites! His home was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and he is currently in a Red Cross shelter. It's his second shelter in two weeks.
JC is a positive, independent person and would never ask for help. However, many Ben's Friends Moderators and Members have asked how they can help JC. We have set up this fundraiser to help one of the most special people we know overcome a difficult situation.
In our first phone conversation in two weeks, JC told me he was, "bringing Ben's Friends to the people in the shelter. They need support here. There are no social boundaries. Everyone is in it together."
Let's help JC rebuild his l ife and home after Sandy.


Thanks Rose, for the link.

I guess the people in the shelter would need a laptop with an internet connection for to access more help.

John, you are really an incredible moderator. You are turbocharging us, and you bring optimism and swing into our rooms!

Thanks, thousand thanks!


Dear JC, Thank you for all you have done and continue to do, in spite of your unfortunate situation! Way to "stay strong"! I really appreciate it and wish nothing but the best for you ! ;o)