GcMAF as treatment?

Has anyone here tried GcMAF as treatment for this disease?

Please clarify, I haven’t heard of GcMAF. I am interested to learn. I do receive Craniosacral Therapy and meditate and these have helped. Thanks.

GcMAF is an unlicensed blood product. It has not been tested for quality, safety or effectiveness.

JulesG from ModSupport Team

In the USA we haven’t heard much about it for a few years after it messed up some kids pretty badly when it was an autism cure.

Im not sure the real thing is available anymore as the European authorities shut down the only manufacturer.

There was a Clinic in the US selling it under the counter, the owner committed suicide about the same time it was raided.

This was studied in detail years ago both by an NIH lab and private pharmeceutical company and was abandoned as not workable.

The Yamamoto Studies done later in Japan were proven to be bogus even though he plagerized some of the earlier NIH work. EVEN if it were true, it would have no effect on non-immune system conditions (such as Ataxia) My advice is to stay far far away


The conclusion that I take away from this discussion is twofold:

  1. I am glad the FDA is looking at the safety and effectiveness issues they look at. Although I get frustrated that things take so long and cost so much, there is benefit.


  1. We are so desperate to find a real treatment, that anything that might have any promise at all is of incredible interest to us. It is a strong measure that our needs are really not being met.