Going blind

Great news guys. I seem to be going blind. Don’t know why, but I’ve got a dry eye too - well maybe two actually. Is this our ever faithful friend ataxia? Yes I’m going to an eye specialist in March (as well as for my toe in February and my teeth in April) Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:

:thinking: Would you say you have an Acquired Ataxia, re the tumour in your Cerebellum. Some Ataxias are specifically linked to sight deterioration, but with an Acquired Ataxia the best advice will be from your Neurologist.
I have dry eyes too, this is quite common, and generally speaking a lubricating eye gel often gives relief.

I don’t know if its acquired or what it is. I’ve just looked up this website and the nearest is ‘Idiopathic late on-set’. I take it that means that you get the symptoms at age 50-ish but the cause can be decades ago - this is, sort-of, it how it is with me. As such I don’t think there’s anything they can do except symptomatic treatment (such as eye drops).
In my case, it wasn’t exactly late onset. I had some minor symptoms straightaway (age 14), then three or four others from 14-45. Then at 45 I had a sudden ‘attack’ and a load more began (and gradually getting worse).
I’ve just been looking around the internet and it is all very interesting (though it doesn’t help either of us). The most interesting bit is that there test when the doc tells you to hold your head still and follow his fingers. Apparently the brain has a complex system of how it responds. A fish on the other hand is very simple. It’s eyes move according to the swish of its tail. Now didn’t you want to know that?

:hushed: Interesting about the fish! It’s always interesting to learn of how/when other peoples symptoms start :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t have a definite diagnosis myself, but I can remember ‘odd incidents’ going back to my early teens.

When you said yesterday that dry eyes were common, did you mean common amongst ataxians or among the general population?

:thinking: I have seen posts from other Ataxians mentioning dry eyes.

Based on your original post, are you saying that going blind is a good thing?

Certainly not. I’m dreading going blind. I’m already deaf and have many of the usual ataxian symptoms. I’m trying to be like you - another joyful one when really the future looks bleak

On this side of the pond we have a saying ‘to grin and bear it’. I suppose I’m taking it literally - bearing whatever comes and trying to grin through it. I’m sorry if I’ve given offence (which I seem to have done a few times, all for the same reason) I’m not making fun of anybody else - only myself.

No worries. Just checking to make sure I read it correctly.