Hand coordination balance

Found a good gaming and puzzle site. Try the link below and test your intellegence and hand coordination skills.


dont understand it :(

The object of the game Patsy is to try and balance the three objects that are above the dotted line down onto the two diagonal lines below the dotted lines. Use your mouse cursor by left clicking on one of the shapes and dragging it down below. You then use the 'A' and, or the 'D' buttons to rotate the shape and place it onto one or two of the diagonal lines in a way so that it does not fall off. Left click again to release the shape. You then take another shape and do the same again. You are succesfull when all three shapes are balanced without them falling over. If a shape falls off then press the 'R' button to try again. There are 30 levels and I have already completed 10 of them.

Good luck. Iain

thanks Iain - will give it another try.