Hobbies for winter

need to find new hobbies for winter

anybody got any idea please x

what are you interested in?.. and whats your level of physical ability?

Use to do glass painting and jewerly making but shakes won't allow me to do this anymore

i still take the dog out most days

and going to start pilates class and yoga to help my balance

but think i will strugle in winter when i cant get out

thanks for your help and support Kati

if you can find the right mouse/joystick for your needs you could instead learn something like computer graphics or art.

I know a guy paralysed from neck down he used to be artist and then he learn to draw on his computer with an headmouse. You might not need one of those but there are many different 'mouse alternatives' which may allow you to learn to draw via computer software. Maybe you could still design jewellery on the computer but get someone else to put it together for you? .. then in summer you can sell items at car boots or something, bit extra money for yourself or to raise money for Ataxia or something?

If you think you could make a small business of it theres a free software offered by this company, if you commit to training and 18 pieces per quarter. I'm not sure if you have to actually make one of your design or just send them the designs. You'd have to look into what you would get out of each piece they sold.


Here's another one:


Not sure what country you in but maybe able to buy this or something similar in UK, or download it somewhere online paying the UK equivalent via paypal or some other online payment system.


Hi loz, I have several hobbies. My brain was pretty bad when I first had ataxia. I started with puzzles, 300 pieces. I kept working at it and now can do 1500 pieces. I also started with simple word searches. It was very hard at first, but again I stuck with it and it became easy. So I moved on to cryptograms. I thought I would never get the hang of it, but I used my teacher skills and absolutely love them now. I have been through several books. I like to read light hearted books. Sometimes books that have lots of characters are difficult to follow. I have learned to write characters and plots down, and then it is easy to follow. I took up crocheting and sewing again. I make scarves, childrens animals and blankets, shawls, afghans, and ponytail scrunchies. I give them as presents to friends and family. Hope this helps.

thanks think i will get puzzel first