Handicap suggestions

My family is looking to either buy or build a handicap accessible home. Besides ramps, roll in shower, and handicap rails next to the toilet what other suggestions do you have. I’m not too bad not, but what makes it easier for you to live in your home?

That’s supposed to say I’m not too bad right now.

bed rail,lift chair

I'm not to point of using wheel chair, but notice things like the knobs need to be at front of stove--light switches easy to reach, planning a kitchen remodel here and plan on many drawers instead of cabinet doors on bottom, I don;t have much counter space, so we recently got a long work table I can sit at to do many tasks, Of course, keeping floor clear and using high plces to store little used items goes without saying.

Something I didnt think of until I got 'wheels' is a very large front door mat.

Also a handy bag with compartments to keep to hand all the time. LOL nothing to do with it I know .. just saying x

Oh and dont forget long low mirrors.

I think researching your illness so you know what condition you will be in when you progress tothe point of when you get no worse anymore.

One story Home. Rail in the shower too. If you are building, make sure the doors are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair if necessary. Sometimes, in older homes doors are too narrow.
Also having lower kitchen and bathroom cabinets is very helpful if you need to be in a wheelchair.

Everything on one level. Wide doors. I have a sit down whirl pool which is nice. Plenty of room around furniture with absolutely no “pinc points.”

Patsy, I have Crohns so I always keep meds and other stuff with me. Any suggestions are good.

Everyone always stresses need for exercise - we have a hallway and we put handrails on either side for makeshift parallel bars

Have at least one counter surface in the kitchen low enough to use while seated (wheel chair or normal chair). Design one large lower cabinet with pull out shelves. If you have balance issues or end up in a wheel chair this will be perfect for every day items…plates, glasses, pans, silverware.

Corner guards. They protect wall corners from wheelchair damage.

Hi - grab rails are a must. They have some different more modern designs, if that’s in your taste-range.

Also, this topic is on here quite a bit.

I did a search for you using, “accessible living”, but you might want to do your own search with different search words. The search box is up by the log-in link.


I have easy one level access from my carport to my family room/ kitchen. Makes getting groceries in much easier.