Bathroom remodeling

It's been awhile since I posted. I'm looking for ideas on a remodeling of a bathroom that is easy to access and easy to clean. I think I asked the question before but didn't act upon it. I had receive some good ideas and now it is imperative that I act upon them. Thank you in advance.

did remodel my bath and found I would have been better off doing it a lot different. If you know how far you will progress then remodel for how you will end up not how you are doing now. Try to take the future into all your considerations and get input from family and caregivers.

Look on Tons of photos and you can get an idea of what you may be able to use.I like the showers with no doors it’s important that everything be wheelchair assessable-even the doorway to the bathroom should be 36 inches. Good luck with your project

Definitely opt for a "wet room"; the type where you cannot see(or trip!) over the shower tray, then have non slip type flooring - NOT tiles. Also, dont be afraid of lots of grab rails - you can get some lovely ones now, to stop it looking like a hospital!

What about a fold down shower seat too, so it can be folded up out of the way when family members need to shower.

I just renovated with a walk-in shower with a seat. I would have done the shower door differently. I would have done a half wall with a door rather than all glass. The all glass side may be a problem if my husband with ataxia does a full force reeling blast into it. I put grab bars inside and outside the shower so he can hold on while getting in the shower and hike himself up after taking a shower. Multiple grab bars are the key. There's no such thing as too many grab bars.

As an Ataxia sufferer I use grab rails for balance.

grab bars, no slip floor, wheelchair toilet, tub seat (hangs over tub), grass like bathmat and a cleaning lady.

good luck


Check these photos for many ideas :

Hope this works. If not, just google “bathroom for handicapped photos”.
Rub-a dub-dub…:slight_smile:

It's unseemly to have an attachment to a room, but I love our bathroom. Not everyone has the space to avoid a shower door, but the flip up bench, hand–held shower attachment, shower gel/shampoo/conditioner dispenser, grab bars, and grab bars pretending to be towel bars, make showering a relaxing activity, rather than an exercise in terror. I've showered in death traps before and it's no fun.

No shower door? Heaven!
Welcoming shower
Chair height toilet

It's been 5 years now. My ataxia has progressed and the bathroom remodel still is working well for me. One thing I wish I had done during the remodel. I wish I had the contractors put a power outlet next to the toilet. Sounds goofy, but I would be able to connect a heated toilet seat and not have wires strung all over.

I installed a bidet toilet seat not knowing how it would work and I got one with no seat warmer and surprisingly don't need one, I am in northern California so its not as bad as some really cold climates but gets cold here in winter.

My cousin was given a warming toilet seat by her children for her birthday. She loves it and says she can hardly get off it. That's why I wish I had installed an unnoticeable power outlet behind or near the toilet. My husband thinks it's just plain weird.