Hangover feeling

Today is one of those days where I feel like I’ve had a really heavy drinking session the night before. My head hurts from the base of my skull right over the top and to the tip of my nose and my stomach is like a washing machine! My wrists are really swollen and painful with a shaky feeling in my hands. I feel quite drunk in a wobbly kind of way and have slept for four hours. I hate feeling like this

I'm sorry you feel that way! I can understand that drunk wobbly feeling. I also hate having this and the feelings that it leaves you. You were just diagnosed? Are you on any medication yet? One nice thing is that tomorrow you may not feel this way and that is something to look forward to. I have good days and bad days. Today is just one of your bad days. I'm sorry you are having a bad day today. But I will wish you a Happy Valentine's Day anyway. :)

Thank you Daisy! I saw a Genetic Consultant a couple of weeks ago who said my symptoms are too much of a coicidence to my dad’s for it not to be, he suspects its SCA 4 which is one of the rarer types and no test is yet available although I have had blood taken for testing to rule out any others. My Dad’s blood tests all came back negative and he died before a cause could be determined. I’m glad I know why I always feel tired and in pain, especially my neck which is treated with Amitryptaline, Citalopram and Codeine. The medication usually relieves some of the pain but on days like today nothing I do can shift it. Just feels weird having a hangover when I never touch a drop of alcohol! Happy Valentines to you too!

I sympathize Gail, I get this when I have been stressed [clenched teeth and generally 'trying' too hard to look normal]. I find I have bad night and then the following, night I sleep soundly and wake feeling more relaxed.

I try not to take painkillers as dont want to rely on them. Baclofen helps though. x

I have had this hangover feeling for twenty years now, I don’t drink or do drugs and try not to take pain meds.
I got diagnosed w Ataxia this last year.
One thing that does help is drink lots of water or eat watermillion.
good luck I hope you feel better soon.

I too have good days and bad. I've had ataxia (sporadic ) for 24 years. I don't know if this is an issue for you, but I'm allergic to garlic, and the day after I eat a lot of garlic, I feel like I've been hit by a truck. You might consider whether you have an allergy to some food or something.

I saw a Vestibular Therapist this week, I told her I had episodes of foggy head, feeling
generally totally lethargic and I’d also had extreme pain in my right leg. She wants me
to keep a food diary to see if a connection can be made.

Despite being negative for Gluten Ataxia, I still feel a reaction of some sort if I over eat
gluten. Excessive sugar consumption, that happened over Christmas, also has an adverse
effect on me. Yeast is something else I can’t eat too much of, I once saw a Kinesologist
and she thought I had symptoms of Candidiasis, this can attack the whole nervous system,
in fact anywhere in the body, and the symptoms are not unlike those of Ataxia.

This condition can like Gluten Ataxia be controlled by changing your diet. xB

Sorry you feel this way.I now know what goods days are. And bad days. I thought I never had bad days. Always felt good. Except for the wobble. I now have more bad days then good. So I need to do something.