Hello and a few questions

Hello all, recently diagnosed with SCA13 after living many years with a misdiagnosis of Menier’s disease. My doctor (dr. Zesiewicz) wants me to try chantix. I have a few questions for anyone who might have some insights.

First, it looks as though the price will be about $200 a bottle. I don’t think my insurance will cover this medication. Anyone with suggestions on finding this at a reasonable price?

Also, from what I’ve been reading, this is a medication that isn’t meant to be taken for an extended amount of time. Anyone have any info on what the long-term effects might be?

Now to change gears a bit. A little while ago I had some cranial sacral therapy done on me. It took about an hour. I absolutely thought it would have no effect and so was really surprised when it helped me considerably not only that day, but for a few days after as well. I did have the therapy one other time, but wasn’t able to get a full hour, only 30 minutes. That time I received no benefit at all…

Has anyone else had any experience with cranial sacral therapy, and if so, what were its effects on you?


I've had Cranial Osteopathy, it seems like a similar therapy. Sorry, I can't

report having made any progress due to it, but everyone responds


I googled Chantix, the only reference I found was as an aid to stop smoking.