Hi I'm Dale

I was a firefighter diagnosed with sca3 in 2011 4 years before full retirement. It is hereditary and my brother got it before me. If the 50 percent rule worked. I shouldn’t have gotten it. 2 brothers before me got it too. 100 percent. Anyway I’m greatful for this site and some positive reinforcement

Welcome Dale! Like many, you where thrown a curve ball! keep sluggin’ and don’t ever give up.

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Welcome to the site Dale!

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Welcome Dale!
Sorry you didn’t make it to a full retirement before this stupid disease affected you. I too have SCA 3. I finally had to leave employment and go on disability in 2014 after treating it with meds for 10 years. As you probably already know each person is affected differently even those in the same family. And just to clarify for you, the 50% chance means for each and every pregnancy there’s a 50% chance just like having a boy or having a girl. Sad but true. I am so sorry that your family is so unlucky with the passing on of this disorder. There are things we can do to make life a little easier for us, including sharing with each other on this website, and at least now I know what I have and why. My mother and grandmother knew nothing about what was happening to them and it must have been a whole lot scarier then.
Feel free to message me anytime.

Thank you Sharon.I can imagine it was hard for my dad too. He only had one arm so the balance was way worse. I really appreciate the support from the purple on this site already