Hope for the future

Hello everyone, i understand that everyone on the forum is hopeing that the research that is going on will bring some form of treatment for the ataxias, and from what i have read this seems promising especialy with Friedriechs. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? or is it something Ataxians dont like to contemplate wishing too much for. I dont know how to word it any other way and i dont want to offend. I am realy interested in all your hopes for the future, and i do think of it lots. Not just for Cassie but for all of you.


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I hope that some day doc's will get thier heads out of thier asses and try some thing that would help other than just blow ya off because they really don't know what to do and just tell you it's all in your head...I tell them Yes it is If ya want to trade for a while I'd be more than willing and after ya get over the dizzieness and balance problems and all the other issues that go along with it Figure it out then we can trade back....I'm not saying all doc's do that but most will agree that at some point during thier visits the doc's have told them that or something similar. And for the one's that do do it are just in it for the all mighty BUCK......nothing else....What ever happened to the Hypacratical Oath......

Sad to say Ken its always money and from the feedback in America it is a big problem

Take care


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