I only I could nip this in the Butt and tell it to leave!

Why is it I feel like I could survive and be able to gain everything back that I have lost? Boy have I been dreaming big!!!
Anyway…life goes on. I have to tell you of the weird dreaming I do while my husband and I are riding in the car to go somewhere.
First I will tell you that I also have Nystagmus in both eyes (stand up and roll your eyes fast and that is how my eyes feel they are doing.) Anyways I dozed off into a dream. I do this a lot… I woke up out of the blue talking to him and asked him if he knew our brother in law had quit his job of 30 years. My husband looked at me shocked_
He goes WHAT! Why would he quit so close to retirement? Once my husband said that then I was in a state of oh crap where did I get my info from. I was still in a sleepy mode. My husband looked at me and I was confused. He asked me how I found this out. I said "I don’t remember. I thought and thought and then said I wonder if I had just dreamt it. That is exactly what had happened once I talked with my sister and asked if he was still working. My husband has noticed I do this a lot and that I talk like I am carrying a true conversation with him. He says it confuses him.
That’s just one example of what’s happening to me lately. I do know I don’t sleep enough. I have tried so many things to try to sleep with no success. My walking and speech get really bad from no sleep,.

So now I hope someone can tell me if this happens to them? I don’t want my husband to think I am getting really weird on him! I have things changing so much lately it is so unreal.

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Okay🤔 Well, I think I must have conversations in my head🙄 Because, I’ll suddenly involve my husband and he doesn’t have a clue what I’m talking about😂 This can lead to some interesting dialogue😉

Sleep deprivation can make any symptom more challenging, perhaps try to make an appointment with your Neurologist, if you feel your family doctor is unable to help🤔xB