Inabiltity to recognise passage of time

Friends may be interested in this,symptoms%2C%20while%20not%20completely%20understood%2C%20involve%20time%20perception.

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Generally speaking I’m aware this isn’t actually a problem but, when it comes to cooking things can differ…
I can see that having a limited daily routine can cause problems when it comes to the passage of time, routine becomes automatic and mental focus drifts…

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Mmm. My problem is that it takes me 20 minutes to do something, but it feels as though only 5 minutes has gone by.

Interesting but doesnt apply to me … this maybe because I am very aware of routine which I share with my husband. The day and week is very much divided into sections. I do sometimes feel panic that I have completely overlooked an event.

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This article **needs more [medical references]
I am not one for self diagnosis on the Internet.
Always see your doctor in the first instance if you have any concerns

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Cerebellar ataxia can affect virtually any body part causing movement abnormalities. … movement in (1) the rate of initiation and cessation called dyschronometria,
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Of course ask your specialist. Except that he seems to know even less.
The reference to more information being needed often appears in wikipedia. It’s a technical thing meaning that the article doesn’t meet their requirements. I doubt it means that it’s necessarily wrong.