Do ataxians loose track of time?

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Time is the problem. I need more time. Most of the time I need to recuperate energy and things in the meantime happen out there…

Time! Very tricky! I am able to stay on track because I program almost everything I need to do in my IPhone and set an alarm to remind me to do everything. Like eat, drink water, sayings like I can do anything for 12 hours, and not to have any expecations today, when to feed the dog, when to take her out, naps, when to wake, etc etc.I'd be lost without my arlarms going off to remind me to get out of the moment I'm in.

I depend on my phone for allot! I call it my brain ahahahahahahhaha it is! Best invention ever I think! :0)

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Do ataxians lose track of time? A big yes from me!

I need to follow Jeannie's example of setting an alarm, and tracking everything. The biggest problem

I have is poor concentration, I'm easily sidetracked, as soon as I've said/thought something I forget

what it was!

Just yesterday, I bought a nice bright coloured notebook, it's in front of me now. I forget what important

items I intended to note in it! Give me strength!!

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Do you mean this?: Ataxia causes "difficulty in accurately estimating how much time has passed (dyschronometria)", wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyschronometria.

Hi Anna,

Well, I've never heard of Dyschronometria, I had to google it, it certainly hits the nail on the head!

All my life this has been the case, my husband has always said I have a 'butterfly mind'.

At least I haven't lost it altogether, on the google site I noticed spelling mistakes, you'd think they'd

use spellcheck!

Thank you!

Dear Anna
Thanks for perfect definition

A big yes from me
Need to learn to set alarms on my phone like Jeannie to help me remember when it’s time to o things else I forget ha ha

I am so happy I joined your group! Thank you, I am learning a lot on this “butterfly mind” illness…I like that definition Berry.
You suddenly find there are so many people with the same “particularities” :slight_smile:

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Peculiarities is nice description, a quirky sort of 'normal'!

Yes my smart phone is my “brains”. If I don’t put events (drink water, doctor appt. etc)on my phone with an alarm, it’s not going to happen. It’s referred to to as a compensatory tool.

I had brain function testing that showed how bad my focus and attention are…I think. :slight_smile:
So I was started on Straterra. It’s been tremendously helpful!

While you can use a mobile phone with a calendar app.
Later if you have problems using the same you can switch to iPad on a stand.
The iPad itself from iOS 12 is fantastic for the disabled user with facilities like sticky keys.
My local Hospital here in Northern Ireland uk will even supply a modified version of the ipad! If have further requirements such as switching.