Increased muscle tone and ataxia

increased muscle tone and ataxia

Thanks for sharing this Alan - very interesting - even with things I already know, it is good to reinforce the knowledge.


Dystonia mixed with Ataxia can also cause increased muscle tone or mixed. Mine fluctuates throughout the day. I can be able to stand myself up and do a few steps at one point in day but not later or earlier cos muscles have gone floppy. Which is why I wear the splints.

Just googled that Kati - I know I have done so before but... one forgets!! Very complicated isnt it ?

You have done so well with all your exercising and positive thinking.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating! Right, John?


Thanks Patsy, it doesn't work for everything but if one or two symptoms improve slightly it can make a difference to how much easier it is to do something.

I use leg splints if I have to take a few steps outdoors for example transferring between cars when go out with family or just getting from car into their house. I use weighted wristbands or splints on arms now too to keep arms steady enough to keep still of crutches for a few steps, but my brother walks behind me, though sometimes its quicker if he just walks behind holding me up then I only have to take steps and not worry about keeping my balance cos he does that bit for me!

I still feel if NHS had agreed to fund a reverse walker for me years ago when I was still able to walk quite well I'd still be walking better now, but just use my own rollator as a reverse walker for around the house, which has got easier as I'm getting smaller, with less weight to haul up from sitting! :0)

My lean muscle mass has increased from exercising too so muscle in my body weighs more than the fat! which I think has helped it to not be as floppy lost in that all body fat, I've especially noticed it in my core where most of my excess weight was. My sitting balance is much better and my standing balance is not quite as shaky, I can kind of 'lock out' my arms and legs on purpose to help with standing, though its not entirely voluntary they can do that on their own too, when I didn't intend to, but I feel I know my body better and can compensate much better when it won't do quite what I want to at a given time, I can usually work around it!

I have found that i need to do additional excercize since getting my scooter.Dog gets lots of excercise and I get cold and weak.Have to do wi fit like Kati and Patsty. Was getting good excercise with the rollator .If only i could use the scooter to get me there and the rollator for excercise.


Confession: I usually do wii fit first thing in the morning but.... my lady who does was here today - she comes every 4 weeks to do background cleaning - so I haven't done my exercises - no excuse, I should do them now but cant get enthused after lunch. All out of spoons. Did you all see that article 'all out of spoons' ?


lol thanks! that's the one - but better presentation that I have seen before - THANK YOU. x

It’s interesting. I am learnig alot."thanksto all the contributors.

Hi Alan,
My toes have no tension in them and I am managing to walk keying my brain. Remembering too many things while exercising to improve muscle tone is a difficult task but keep trying. My memory is better than my walk!