Vibration plates and wrist weights

Hi everyone, my last question for today :slight_smile:

Has anyone any experience or knowledge of people with ataxia using vibration plates (aka power plates) and /or wrist weights as a means of keeping their muscles active? I’m thinking of getting my mum (who’s recently been diagnosed with SCA) a vibration plate but would love to hear from others before purchasing. I also think she would benefit from wearing wrist weights whilst walking

Many thanks

I just started using wrist/ankle weights just around the house doing daily chores etc. My Dr suggested that I use them. She believes during daily activities and not limited the time to just when exercising. She believes this will help build bones and strength without realizing that your doing it. Since it was suggested by my Dr I'd go with that. At first using them I wondered if this would be a good idea or not because of my balance and it was hard to do, but this actually helps me with leg strength. I got used to it in a few day's. My Dr suggested to start out with really low weights and build up to more after a few months. I saw a improvement in my balance/walking the next day.Now it may take longer for your Ma though everyone is diffrent

Have you run it across her Dr yet?

Not sure about the vibration plate, sorry.

Ditto. There's loads of power plates at gym - tell me more someone.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: I regularly use power plates and wrist weights and I swear they have increased my muscle strength. My core and leg muscles feel stronger after using the power plate and my wrist weights are now up to 2kg per wrist. Ok I don’t have ataxia (that I’m aware of) but I’m sure these types of exercises would benefit the muscle strength of people diagnosed with ataxia or similar conditions?

I am very skeptical of the power plate from the video's that I googled to find out more about it. I think not only is it really expense to buy, but I don't think relying on a machine to help my ataxia will work more than any exersize that I can do on my own without using something that is suppose to inhance my exercises other than reparations.

Maybe using it at the gym because it only will cost more time to use it, but for buying on I don't see where it's worth the money for my ataxia.

That's just my thought. I believe we can use what God intended us to use, our body without thinking there is a magic pill out there for ataxia. :0)