Innovators, Inventors and every day life

Hi all,

I think innovators and inventors sometimes for get to talk to us when designing things for the home, work place, shopping centers or just out in the street.If they did they would better understand our challenges.

What are the obstacles you come across in every day life, what could you improve on and what works for you.

Things that look good on the surface but turn out to be a money making item. Things you have seen and things you feel could be improved. Something you have found that has made your life easier, and do what they say in the instructions.

For me it has to be rollators. Why cant they have wheels that 'work' going over a gravel path.

Husband has made the following things for me to adapt at the various stages of ataxia.They have all been useful at the time.

Grab rails

A chair on wheels that can help with dining-goes where you like and omits all that shuffling.

Wooden blocks to higher your sofa.

A wet room.

I have found the following useful as well;

Non slip socks-helps with swimming and sshowering.

Large buttoned keyboard and mobile phone.

Stool and help--good for caravans and motor homes.

The bed rail.

Rails round the toilet and a device that raises the toilet etc.

As I said,each stage of attaxia has its challenges.I am now at the wwheelchair stage and doing battle with walls and gravel.Any tips gratefully received.Just passing on my exxxxperiences and wanted to be helpful.

Rollator stage was good and lasted many years.Only just finished.

Thanks, I am at the stage now where I walk around the house holding on to the walls or Bum shuffle it works for me.

I was speaking to my Biokineticsis I go and use his gym equipment every Thursday. I ask him why I cant find a seat for my stationery bike with a back and sides. His answer was. Well hear in South Africa we are far behind the rest of the world with some adaptions to make a disabled persons life easier. My dad is now looking at making me a seat for my bike with sides and a back rest

Last week I went shopping found a dress for a party I am going to. I ask the lady if I could try it on she said yes. My wheelchair would not fit in changing room. The lady suggested I try the dress on in the store room.

Marie I love the idea of a chair on wheels. I have one in the study it gets me from the computer to the filing etc.I also tried the Rollator it did not work for me. Its so true what works for one person may not work for another.

I am now working part time for Evac Chair. When they need to do a presentation, they take me along so we can show people how to get a disabled person down the stairs in one of the Evac Chairs in an emergency .

I like the idea of these tiny inventions. One I made was on our mail box, I installed a flag made of aluminum that drops down when the door is pulled down so that I don't have to walk outside to see if there was a delivery. I also put a magnet on my metal screen door to hold it open without reaching up to the closer to slide the keeper to keep it open, everybody likes that one. I also stripped down a wheelchair of its leg parts so that I can if I have to turn my chair into a narrow doorway, my house is very small about 850 sq ft.