Internal medicine

Most all of you (us) already know this, but a medical DR. in family practice, is vital to over-all health management.

In no way do I suggest the replacement of your neurologist. But I stress the importance of a good family DR (I suggest an internist) who can help manage health risk like diabetes, heart disease and/or health conditions.

These health conditions especially threaten sedentary lifestyles whether by choice or not (in our case not).

I am blessed to have a good internal medicine guy who understands ataxia and works in conjunction with my neurologist.

If you don’t have one yet - seek one out!

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I agree having a great DR, in family practice is so vital. My doctor works on my overall health, which includes my ataxia. I have a neurologist but I use my family doctor more because he can check my neuro stuff just as well as a neurologist can and he’s cheaper. You HAVE to find a doctor that works with you, no matter what your problem is.

:slightly_smiling_face: Good practical advice :+1: Although, in practice it’s sometimes easier said than done, depending on where you live. In the UK it’s not an easy matter to ‘shop around’. Most of us rely on our National Health Service, we register with a local Medical Practice and pretty much hope for the best :smirk: But of course paying to go private is always an option if the occasion demands it, and some people do pay additionally for health cover which must be very handy. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t always complain about our health service :wink: For example, two days ago I had a doctors appointment, and today received a hospital appointment in the post for next week :flushed: xB

I totally agree, finding a family Dr. who is able to not only able to manage health but also coordinate with your neurologist is sometimes a matter of luck. Especially in an environment where ‘shopping around’ not possible. :grinning:

Agreed! My family practitioner knows my condition first hand, since is mother experienced the same ailment. He seems genuinely interested and compassionate (this is important and seems relevant with most). He seems to know what I might experience next. He knows how to treat symptoms without jeopardizing my health further because of my condition.
I recognize how fortunate I am to have such a Dr. they are hard to find for sure, and I count my blessings each day, for not all share the same experience.

I do not believe you can trust doctors too quickly some have a good bedside manner and still leave you with no answers when you leave their office. If they cannot diagnose their should be a next step that can be taken but they don’t because of orders from non medical personel is trying to save money and gets involved with your diagnosis.