An ataxian shuffles and wheels in to a bar with a scruffy, one-legged Parrot on his shoulder.

Bartender asks, "Where'd ya get that gimpy critter?"

Parrot replies, "Found him in WalMart."

I think I might have seen his picture on people of wal-mart. LOL

Hahaha, for sure. I'm wondering where the parrot came from :D

I crossed the floor at a Night-Club to go to the Mens- Room and won the dance competiton!

Hahahahahahaha, thanks for the laugh Ozzy! :D So funny! Hope all's well with you.

Great humour, keep them coming :slight_smile: xB

# Just recently finished a jigsaw puzzle in only 5 months, the box said 2-4 years...

Wahoo, Ozzy! Used to do those with GrandMa Martin. Hope you're well :)