Just a thought or question

  • I just read about 5 children here in Ca getting a type of polio
  • For those with unknown cause Ataxia ( no family history)
    could there be any link?
    This is just something to think about/research.
  • I was a school bus driver for handicapped and/ or sick children.
    **your thoughts are welcome

Interesting thought.

Here is what I just found:
Long article, but interesting.

I also wondered about the posssible connection when I heared of this condition. Also thought of how when one thing is cured it seems something else comes to the forefront,i.e. how common fifths disease is since there is vaccine for Measels.mumps, chicken pox. and German measels. I never heard of anyone having 5ths disease when I was growing up and only came across the term in a "doctor" book when my kids were little in the mid 60s. Now it is common for pre-schoolers to have it.

Thank you Cicina, that was an interesting article.
Gets me wondering; if some of this could be related or a sister or twist of this disease. Also not as contagious so not notable as it passes from one to another.
For me as a school bus driver we are inundated with sick kids and in tight corders usually for an hour or two. Because all of my children were handicaped many w neuro issues and young ages we were very close as in picking up and moving them into their seats and harnesses. I had many students from other countries and who would travel a lot.
Thanks again. Jaime