Just found this for balance

I just found this and looked at it and ordered from Canada. No experience with it yet but will let you know.



Superb site to visit! And the products are affordable. I’m going to get both sock and insoles. I’ll let everyone know how much improvement I see. jd

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:slightly_smiling_face: I just watched the video, the improvement was impressive. Looking forward to reading about your experience :slightly_smiling_face: xB

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Have you tried a balance vest yet-it does help if you keep wearing it.

My husband got the balance vest and said it did not help and he did not continue to wear it. How long did you wear it before you saw benefit?

I just ordered a pair of the socks to try. Hope they help me with my balance. Fingers crossed.

Oh and thank you for sharing.

I decided to try also. I figure I have nothing to lose since it can’t do any harm, it might possibly help, and they say I can get my money back. We shall see…

I also will let you know how it goes.

Still waiting to get it. Takes awhile coming from Canada. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas! You’re welcome for sharing. I felt the same as you did. Money-back guarantee–affordable–does no harm. Each of us is different, so I feel have to personally try it. The videos on Youtube are also impressive testimonials.

I just talked with Cindy Geddes from the company making the socks and insoles. Her advice was to wear the socks at night and the insoles during the day. I got the idea from her that using both may no make sense. She told me that I may feel more dizzy at first because my brain has been off balance for so long,but that would be a sign of it working. I tol her that I am also part of an on-line ataxia group and that there were a number of people who were trying the product. She said she would be praying for all of us and wanted to hear how it goes.

Just purchased the insoles and socks. The company is only a couple of hours from me so shipping should be a breeze. I thought I would give them a try. They aren’t cheep as socks go, however, when it comes to this condition, nothing is expensive! put in perspective. It’s amazing how things become cheaper as they may be your only chance!
I may be a sucker/hopeful for wonder aids/drugs but hey, maybe they will work you never know. At this point anything is worth trying. Some of the worlds most amazing health/technological discoveries where the simple things that make us say “why didn’t I think of that”.
I will be sure to let you know how they are.



I really hope they work for you. Good luck and keep us posted Donna :smiley::heart_eyes:

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My socks and insoles came today and I am wearing the insoles now. I had, of course, expected to be running around the house,leaping tall buildings in a single bound,etc. That did not happen! I can’t really tell yet if I am more functional or not. I will give it more than 2.5 hours and we shall see. I will keep you all up to date…

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I’m excited! I keep checking the mail box everyday for these.
Maybe they aren’t a miracle, but some improvement would be nice.

Thank you hutchy-10 for posting this–our Christmas miracle! It is truly a gift and an answer to prayer. George has been almost immobile–unable to transfer even a few steps. We got the patient sit-to-stand device (the white gizmo you see later in the video) and I would wheel him in it to the bed and bathroom. Now he can walk using his walker! Each day is getting a little better–more strength, stamina, more productive, able to do P T as he can now move his body. The balance improvement is said to be 31%–not 100%–but it makes a HUGE lifestyle change. His attitude is more hopeful. I shared this early on because I know firsthand how hard this condition is and feel we MUST share any hope and help. Merry Christmas!!!


My update for the day is that the socks/insoles seemed to help some. The nystagmus in my left eye seems to be gone and the hand that was too shaky to use to eat grapes for breakfast two days ago could hold my coffee cup as I drank this morning. I still have tons of neurological problems, but I think this helped–or it is one heck of a placebo effect. I have still not leaped any tall buildings, but we’ll see…

I am still wearing the insoles during the day and the socks at night, as advised.

Joy, I am so glad you posted about this since I hadn’t heard about it before. I really appreciate it.

I have had the socks and insoles since December the 8th. I have to say there are notable differences in my walking ability.
As Linda mentioned “or it is one heck of a placebo effect”. As long as it gives some positive results. At this point I would recommend purchasing a pair of socks (as long as they fit your budget) I have yet to try out the insoles yet.
I will keep posting on these.
Fingers crossed.


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:slightly_smiling_face: I’m very impressed by the reviews of these socks & insoles, and would probably try them myself were it not for the fact that shipping overseas may send the costs skyhigh :thinking: xB

They shouldn’t be too expensive to put a pair of socks in the mail in a flat envelope. Not any parts to damage. … jd