I tried the BrainPort

I just came back from Windsor, Canada where I tried and bought a BrainPort. I worked wi h a wonderful physical therapist there for four sessions trying it. The objective measures showed improvement and I sensed some,too. It was not the immediate dramatic improvement that I, of course,want, but improvement is good. I will appreciate any Improvement I get.

Hopefully, I will see more improvement as I use it more. Unfortunately, that will not happen today, since the one that we brought home does not work, but I contacted the manufacturing company this morning and they said they would send a replacement immediately. I guess I should have tried it before I left. Oops! I will let you all know how things go in the future.

As a cautionary note,remember that I have ataxia from cerebellar damage from surgery, so I have no idea what the effect would be on anyone else.

I Linda I hope everything works out for you I talked to you a couple years ago. I also have cerebral ataxia. I didn’t have brain surgery for it and I never will. I got mine from Dilantin believe it or not. But I wanted to let you know that I went last week and tried on 1 all those balancing vests. They are awesome. I will get mine in October I was fitted for my last week. You will not believe what they do to somebody with with a balancing problem. You can take it from somebody who has try one on that they do work.

Bobby’s, I remember you well. It is fantastic that the balancewear vest helped you so much. I tried it before, and it helped a little, but not enough.

It is wise of you to avoid surgery. I wish I could have-though that was not an option. I can’t tell you how happy I am for you!

:slightly_smiling_face: Linda, I just watched a video of Brainport in action on YouTube.com Keep us posted on your progress :slightly_smiling_face: xB

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It is a little different now than the video. The gyroscope is replaced by an accelerometer by the mouth piece instead of with separate headgear. That improves the cosmetics, though that is not that important to me. After all the other strange stuff I do, looking great just is not too important. I am supposed to get my new device today and will hopefully use it tonight. I spoke with my sister on the phone today as she said she could telli sounded better. She thought my voice gave lots of messages!

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Hello, I’m so glad to hear that you had a positive result. I also have Cerebellar Ataxia, and tried the best. Unfortunately it did not help me at all.
Best wishes :slightly_smiling_face:

A combination of the BrInPort and physical therapy is helping me. I am walking around the house during the day with my cane instead of the rollator. It is still a bit iffy, but I figure with practice, I will be more confident and more skilled. I don’t think that would be possible with either alone. We shall see how I continue, but I’m pleased with the improved functionality so far. I, of course hoped for a magic cure, but am pleased with any improvement.[. I have also decided to improve my attitude and stop looking for magic, and get on with my life.


So I read about the balance vest about 2 years ago. At that time the vest and the fitting was over $1000.00. I did not explore the vest any
Recently, my Neurologist suggested that I try a vest. The cost would be
$140. Tried one and it helped. Get it and a more detailed fitting in 2 weeks. So the medical profession is starting to endorse the balance vest. I have cerebellar ataxia, It’s post radiation related from a 1964 surgery. The ataxia began in 2001. The PT claims that the effects of the jacket last for awhile when the jacket is removed. They fade, then come back as you wear the vest.