Just wondering how many other's also got ataxia after an opperation?

Either right away or after a few months.

Also wondering if the toxins played a roll in this ataxia. If the ataxia was laying dorment or was it caused by the anesthesia. What do you think?

Hi Jeannie, I ask myself the same question. In my case I had something similar happen in my 20's so I know there was something there. Still don't know if my first event was toxic or viral or genetic or if this first damage made me more predisposed to the second event. The first one took me about three years to get better from so since I got better I figure it must have been viral or toxin. My coux de gras medication reaction was a worsening followed by an ACUTE EVENT so it was easy to tell that it was medication caused or at least a very severe complication of medication. My neuro insists I must have an underlying genetic reason and I'm guessing I probably have something. I always have been sensitive to medication. I do have a little blip(polymorphism) on my PPOX gene responsible for Porphyria but still uncertain if that explains the entire thing or not. Mitochondrial disease is the other suspicion. I guess I don't feel like knowing so long I don't worsen and since I am still getting just tiny bits better every year I don't want to jinx it. ;)

Hi Jeannie - I personally don't know if my ataxia was a result of my brain surgery, but it was diagnosed shortly after that.

Hi Jeannie

I know mine is hereditary. My father had it. His sister had it. And 3 of my Uncles. I was the only one who had surgery for something.


Hi Jeannie,
I got it right away after my second brain surgery (two weeks between the first and the second one). The tumor was situated deep down in my cerebellum, but as I had no symptom of ataxia before the operation, I guess “something happened there”…Still don’t know the cause.

I find everyone's answer to this so interesting!!! Thanks for sharing it with me!!!!!!! :0)

After knee surgery 8/10/2012 the disease got worse. I have been fighting it since 2008. Hopefully things will turn around. I am not growing fond of needing a walker.Big change from being an electrician.

Hi Jeannie,
After the onset of Hepatitis B virus my ataxia worsened and I am slowly coming out of it. Improvement is very very slow but I feel energetic which was lost too last year. For all the energy I am unable to do my normal routine as my legs feel weak, and trembling worsens it. There are days I am fine so it’s episodic, sporadic CA according to the neuro.

Hi Jeannie My name is Sharon. My ataxia came out right after my pregnancy. I got pregnant, at that time I was walking fine, without assistance. About 4-5 months, I had a terrible feeling of dizziness at times throughout the day. I felt as though I was so dizzy at times, I was going to fall over. I set up an appointment with my family doctor right away. She told me I should get a MRI of my brain. But, I should wait till after I delivered. I did. And I had ataxia. What luck?!?!

That's really interesting Sharon! My ataxia especially vision and balance, is very sensitive to hormonal changes. Hmmm I wish I knew more about the neuroendocrine system. I wonder how it is all connected.

Hi, Jeannie,
My ataxia wasn’t diagnosed with my first MRI due to technical difficulties there. The ataxia could have started due to medicine. Mine started a few months after my medicine finished in November 2006. It started in Feb 2007.

That's interesting Eric, as I've often wondered about medication I've been on or am on. Not enough info. or research so, who knows?

Hi. I had surgery in May 2009 and had severe complications causin further surgery. I was unable to eat and subsequently lost loads of weight very quickly. My consultant believes that due to lack of vitamins I developed CA as my symptoms started to develop in September and have gradually worsened. My co ordination and balance are dreadful and I suffer with visual problems. I had a severe infection that needed to be treated in hospital. My mother has Ataxic symptoms so he also feels that the Ataxia was pre determined just far earlier than it should have been :)