Leg braces HELP

Leg braces help with balance and I know balance is something we all lack.
Well I have been told I walk like a penguin well this can improve that. My ankles are weaker than usual for some reason and I tried a pair of leg braces and I walked better than I have in years:) so I’m waiting until Friday for them to come in. It’s not a cure all it just helps its something to at least try. Also working on strengthening your legs also help I work out at the pool/gym and it really helps. I have very large calve muscles. Do whatever works.

The place I got my braces is called “Hanger Medical”

Hi, I'm 25 and from the UK. Feel free to message me about anything :)

Could you post a picture of your leg braces? I'll try anything!


Thanks for the info Cody! I'm going to talk to my neurologist about braces next time I see him! Glad they'll be working so well for you! ;o)

Thanks for sharing a vital information. I would love to look at your leg brace. Can you share a picture of the leg brace with all? You will be helping a lot of members walk with more confidence and ease. My brain has forgotten to walk, stand and climb stairs! although I do it now with the help of regular PT cessions. Walker and wheel chair my best friends.

The rights of the (hanger clinic)
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My braces if I go somewhere I use socks that go all the way to my knees so the straps don’t rub my leg and give me a rug burn or whatever it is. I went on a date tonight and I had my braces on and they gave me so much confidence and I walked straitish. Needless to say I didn’t fall and the date went great.

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One doctor told me it would not help but make it worst. But I wasn't giving up on the thought of having leg braces. I am planning on asking my neurologist the next time I see him. People have told me the same thing about the way I walk. I am glad to hear that they helped you and hopefully many of us will be able to do the same'


If ur ataxia causes u to have weak ankles then ur doctor is wrong.
Doctors have been proven wrong many times.

It’s no problem.

Hi Cody, thank you for sharing the information and pictures. Could you tell me if you wear the leg braces on both legs or just one? I have a pair of AFOs for my ankles but they are smaller and less substantial than yours. I'd like to try something like the ones you have as you seem to be doing pretty well with them! :-)

Both legs