Lightest mobility scooter available in the UK

I have trawled through the internet, rung suppliers, but my husband suggested that I ask if anyone has had the need to get a very, very light, collapsible mobility scooter. I want to be able to go around gardens, and zoos and towns, and my walker makes me tired and my crutch is even worse. I can only walk for about 10 minutes before my feet and legs misbehave so I am confined to the car or very short walks. Shopping is a no no, as are all the things I would like to do were we to take a holiday in this country or even take the scooter on a plane abroad. Anyone who can help me, please get in touch.

I like doing similar thingsLisa.

I have found there are pros and cons to a light mobility scooter.It is portable and goes quite welll for short distances.However I have found the following probs with a lightweight scooter.The battery life is shorter.It conks out on hills and it has turned over when I reversed and it struggles on very rough ground.However my husband can easily manage to get a light scooter out of the car and it is quite useful for flat ,smooth gardens. What we did in Cornwall in October was order a tramper from National Trust as we went to a very hilly steep garden.It does have the advantage that you can concentrate on the plants instead of lurching about on a walker.However you have to pre book which ruins the spontinaity when you are on holiday.And you have to note the weather forecast.I have not found the ideal solution yet.

I think you have to work out where you are going,the nature of your disability and plan.

I cannot talk or write very easily but I suppose that is the nature of this ever changing condition.I trust the people more on this site than general disability sites because the others understand the nature of the condition.Many others think is just a case of mobility and make all sorts of ludicrous suggestions.Those with Ataxia know that it is balance but there again is a lot of variety.

I am in the same dilemma and want to access gardens and the countryside.Let me know what your research throws up.

I just wanted to pass on my limited experience of scooters.I have a heavy road scooter for exploring the countryside and excercising the dog but it is not portable.You can't win can you.Don't beat yourself up about the walker and your legs struggling.I went to an agricultural show recently.In the past the walker and I have coped but this year I could not wait to see the car and virtually dragged myself along with my legs all over the place.I wish I had taken the portable scooter but then my daughter said she noticed lots of scooters being taken back and stuck on hillocks with a flat battery.


Dear Lisa1949, I use just a cane presently and trekking poles if I go for a pleasure walk. I'm sorry, I have no information on a lightweight mobility scooter. Just wanted to wish you well in your search..., ;o)

Thanks Marie for your helpful information. I managed to find just today and little 4 wheeler scooter which seemed very sturdy and I have no plans to go hill climbing so it seems as though for the trips I want to make to look at towns, providing there aren't too many hills (it says in the instructions don't attempt too many) I am really pleased with it. It feels safe and solid and was a great price. The one we saw this morning at another Mobility Centre was way below the standard of this.

As you say you have to plan, but I find that I have to plan all the time with ataxia, even down to when to take a bath, so that hubby is around to scoop me up if I fall.

Thanks for your good wishes Rose, had a discussion with the neuro physio this week and apparently I am doing things right now, having to pace myself. - But it's so frustrating to have to think Ataxia all the time!!!!

I hear you, Lisa! Ataxia is VERY frustrating and challenging (not to fall). Having to think about it 24/7 is extremely tiring! I don't know how much longer I'll just be using a cane..., ;o)

Hello Lisa

I found a super site; they are about half the price, I have bought 3 from them so can re"commend them. Delivery is free & fast, you can pay by Paypal so no worry. I have 2 TGA eclipses, & a very light electric mobility 480, this is the lightest, I tthink the heaviest part is 11 kilos, so it is better for my arthritic hubbie to put in the car, of course it is a bit 'toy town' but it is great for what I n,eed.


Thanks Fiona, I have found one a little 480 which has five parts when taken apart and goes in our little BMW. I am delighted I can finally get around. Good luck with your scooter, perhaps we should start a scooter club!! Take care. Lisa

It's been a journey...

To celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary, Earl bought me this instead of a diamond ring. Four wheels, a rearview mirror, a bigger basket, and a bigger battery.

As my Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA)progressed, I had to bite the humiliation bullet, not care what people thought (they may stare briefly, but they really don’t think about a person with disabilities for long), or shut up and stay parked somewhere.

After several rental trials, here she is. By the way, Skeeter is the name of one of my favorite characters in a book called “The Help”. Freedom!

The motorized scooter doesn't replace my Winnie rollator as it affords no exercise, challenge, or incentive to maintain muscle strength--that has to come from elsewhere and there are many occasions where some leg and upper body strength are required. What it does do is vastly increase the range I can go and what I can participate in without mortal fear of falling.

Dear Schumant, glad you have something suitable. and wish you lots of happy times. Yes as you say you have to use the Walker to get exercise, my husband says its a combination of crutch, walker and scooter. Take care. Lisa