Living alone problem - UK based

I live with my husband, but he has a health problem and needs to go into hospital for maybe a week. Family don’t live close and would come but have children, jobs etc so not a good idea. Anybody do this or have experience of it, so can advise? (I have SCA (no number) so have balance & mobility problems and use a stick inside and out)

I live alone and don’t have a problem. If you are concerned there are things like Life Alert that you can get. Contact your local hospital. Life Alert isn’t the only game in town. I also checked and there is a feature that if you fall they will send help. Don’t know about the UK but if you contact your local hospital they should have something.

:blush:planning ahead is probably the best idea. Stock up on essentials for the freezer and larder, and arrange to have people call you/or call them at regular intervals​:slightly_smiling_face:

A chat with a local taxi company could be helpful, you would probably be able to arrange a ‘block booking’ to make hospital visits easier🙂xB

My full time 15 min. from our house. I’m alone weekdays 2;00 to 6:00 pm. I wear a.medallion for.Bay Alarm Medical. Reasonable price, very courteous staff based in western USA. Our cat is good company, too.