I hope I’ve got the right word. I mean suddenly moving dangerously, without meaning to. I presume we all have it but is there a reason? I used to think it was a muscle spasm which had dragged me with it. I still think like that but my body leans as well as though it has lost it has centre of gravity. Any explanations?

PS to Beryl - Yes I’ve read your BVH article and it was that which reminded me to ask this question


I lurch occasionally too, I associate this with poor balance and my troubled cerebellum. It’s as though my body wants to move faster than my legs can take me. Sometimes, I inadvertently trip myself up by clamping one foot on top of the other :woman_shrugging:


Yes. I feel that my body wants to move faster than my legs. I call it a momentum thing where my body obeys the mathematical laws of momentum rather than my eyes which can see some sort of obstruction in the way. Hence I either bump into someone or fall off the kerb. If I ever stop coming to this site, the chances are that I’ve fallen off and been either run over or sent to prison by a policeman :policeman: for causing a multiple pile up. :red_car: :taxi: :oncoming_taxi: :oncoming_automobile: :truck: :tractor:
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yes, even using a rollator, I lurch and often causes me to kick the wheels … I have always thought it to be muscle spasm and happens when my muscles are cold. Presumably, circulation interacts with muscles and brain messages.

Yes, I agree. I think there must be some connection between circulation and brain stuff because according to some previous thread, lots of us get cold hands and feet which must be circulatory mustn’t it?

Zombies in horror movies lurch. Whereas old black and white monster movie Frankenstein lab creation types move in a more robotic fashion. Both movement types are interesting, because if you consider that the zombies are supposed to have heavy brain damage and are just moving about with whatever electrical activity is left and then the lab creations are supposed to be unnaturally mapping out movement and then forcing it through.

Sometimes I feel like I am doing either of these things.


I have two nieces who call me a monster. Your reply explains it. I really am a monster. Probably a zombie. I don’t have severe brain damage though. It’s just got a hole in it. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: