Shake , Rattle and Roll ...the cold sweats

Then there is this lovely tid bit of an experience when the weather gets cold.

I feel a chill coming on , within seconds it turns into a bout of uncontrollable shivering, all my muscles stiffen up and moving is a slow uncontrolled laborious process. Then come the sweaty clammy hands and feet. No matter of heat or clothing will stop it . When this happens I have to sit in a room with the heat turned up to 80 , wearing winter clothing , winter boots , a winter coat , gloves and hat , covered by several blankets , and still I am so cold and shaky that I can't move .. half hour later I am so friggin hot and sweaty I cant get the stuff off quick enough . This happens to me about twice a week sometimes more .

This is a cold weather event only , right now its 80 F and I am in shorts , bare feet and lovin it ! BUT i do get the sweats even in warm weather .

How about you ?

I am always cold even in a heatwwave.I think ourr circulatory system is up the spout.

Don't like winter clothes as so restrictive.

Yes, this sounds familiar :slight_smile:
At first I associated it with menopausal symptoms but that would never have crossed
your mind would it ?
Well, it was long after the menopause anyway, so it had to be something else.
It’s summer here in the UK, sort of summer anyway. And I still feel oddly cold, almost
always at night, possibly because tiredness creeps in.
I still have a winter weight duvet and sometimes have to resort to wearing socks just
to be warm enough to get to sleep :slight_smile: xB

I too have a problem with temperature comfort. I sit with a blanket in the summer while I watch TV and my wife has to have the a/c on so then were both happy. It does cause some friction though because she cant believe I can be cold when she is having a hot flash.I seem to have a very narrow comfort zone, it seems to be about 78 to 80 degrees.