Man thrown from chair (Ataxian from UK)

Hi Alan

Would dent my confidence too.Luckily I have found most of the British public to be very kind particularly when they see my rollator with me lurching behind.

If that were me I would certainly have not even attempted to hold on to the motor controled vehicle in the first place. If asking for any kind of wheelcahair assistance I would have made sure that I was being manually pushed by an assistant. Although the railway company should have admitted to neglegence I think the wheelchair user should also have used his own common sense regarding any risks of danger to himself.

I admit I thought it meant someone had pushed him or pulled him out of his chair like an assault when I saw the title!

Personally if I wasn't very sure I could do that I wouldn't have attempted it. I've hitched a ride on back of someone else's powerchair before to get up an hill but they were only going slow! I also had better sitting balance at the time. I wouldn't attempt it now.

YES , I have been "Towed" uphill, by other powerchairs AND its very scary !!!

I wouldnt recommend using any means of propulsion using any sort of equipment that is NOY under your control and above your capability.

It a matter of "COMMONSENSE"

Hi all

It;s a bit like the lawn mower on the hare setting.I used to crash into tubs and take them along with as well as mowinganything that got in the way like dog toys which were gobbled up.Don't like not being in control.