What is the next step please?

Hallo Everyone

I posted a short while ago about my progress from stick to rollator. Since then Ive had a coffee with the lovely Spiveys in Hereford and tonight I will ring Jane from the Gloucester Branch. I know Patsy and some other friends were interested in any replies.

In a short time quite a lot has changed :( Over the last 4 days I've had some spectacular tumbles, both indoors oddly enough. Of course I am now terrified to go out. The rollator, although stable, is impossible to get back into the car. My husband, a very ppatient person, says when I want to go out, he will come too, to put the rollator back into the car.

This I dont want, as it will tie him down and take away any independence I have left. A friend (who kn ows absolutely everything about everything! says a scooter wont be any good as Ill still have to get out of it if I need to do light shopping.

I can walk a distance, using the rollator but not unaided. I attend seated exercise classes twice a week and the physio is magic.

Ideas? Comments? please


Hi Sarah-Jane - it is nice to hear from you - sorry that things are getting beyond your ability - a quick thought is that maybe you could ring ahead and get someone from the store to meet you with a trolley.

I suspect it means generally that you will have to ask for help - I would hope that help is available.

Some towns have mobility centres that hire our scooters but I dont know what it's like where you live.

I wonder what kind of stick have you tried? I use two fischer sticks [or just one sometimes] but some people prefer the tri-stick.

Patsy x

Hope you are OK - keep your spirits up

Keep in touch

we are here for support


Hey Patsy

We have a mobility service (scooter) for hire in Ross so I will try one out. Re sticks - I do have walking poles which I used when going further but find they're not much help now as I suddenly lurch to the right. Ive tried the tri-oile but its weird because to lift it off the ground makes me totally unbalanced!

Asking for helpis difficult isnt it? :)



Thanks Alan.

love to you both



Alan Thomas said:

Hope you are OK - keep your spirits up

Keep in touch

we are here for support


I had poles for a while then neuro physio gave me Fischer sticks - they are much more stable but not for everyone.

Patsy x

What are Fischer sticks?

I know what you mean about getting Rollators into cars I can justabout do it crawling by the car . I have a scooter now but cannot usse it for shopping as i cannnot walk with sticks but I am not in a wheelchair.It's often worse being inbetween isn't it?

Fischer stick has ergonomic handle that fits into the palm of the hand so that you can lean on them


.. not suited to everyone.

Patsy x

Have you considered crutches? they will support you higher up the arm?.. I tend to have mine out to the sides to give me a wide base, as they are more like an extension of your arms reaching the floor in front of you? You can get special tips where the end is flexible so you don't just have the edge of the bottom in contact with the floor but the whole ferrule and can get folding ones which would make it easier for you once you had sat in drivers seat to fold crutches and put them on passenger seat next to you?

If you could manage this short distance then parking at shopmobility and hiring a scooter or chair from them maybe a solution? Our shopmobility would bring the chair/scooter to your car but ours was in the car park and spaces for wheelchair users/shopmobility users reserved around the 'office'.

you can get crutches that have the handles that Patsy talks about too so they are more comfortable.

Here's some folding ones with the flexi ferrule.


If you prefer a full cuff the Quickstep folding crutch (to the right on this page) has that but only comes in orange or grey.

Thanks Kati and Patsy for the above.I am in the same position now so will research crutches and Ficsher Sticks.

Got husband to ring ahead and butcher came out armed with a chicken which he placed in the Mobility Basket(first time I have tried it and no groping around at the bottom of your rollator looking for car keys either).Dog enjoyed the run and I found it easier than parking and trying to get round the car and up the hill with the rollator.Ilive a mile or two out of the village but it does get cold on your hands even with gloves. Roll on summer.

Love from another inbetweener between rollator and scooter.

I learnt that tip from Kati lol - you take care xx

Thanks Patsy, Alan, Marie and Kati. Youve given us stuff to look into and thats great! I have physio on Wednesday so will show him your comments.



I use a cane for short distances but my Rolotor is the best for generally walking and getting around. It is a pain to get in the car though. I'm slowly getting the hang of it. (I'm assuming that by "sticks" you are talking about a cane. Am I right?)

yes - in UK they are generally referred to as walking sticks