Medications for ataxia symptoms

Hey guys, my brother tried Amantadine and Trihexyphenidyl, he had good results, specially on balance and coordination, but, neurologists are skeptical about prescribing it to him.

Have u ever tried any of these medications mentioned on this National Ataxia Foundation document?

Medications_for_ataxia_symptoms.pdf (83.4 KB)

Hi my Dr. Says there’s meds for my ataxia. What type of ataxia does your brother have ?


Hi Bobby. He has type 3 a/k/a Machado Joseph

hi Bobby-what meds did your dr. give you?

I used Amantadine for two years. Liquid, 10 ml/twice a day. At first, there was a very noticeable improvement in walking and balance.
The improvements lasted about 18 mounths, then I began having seizures. They set me way back. Amantadine can cause seizures so I stopped taking it. My Neurologist lowered my anti seizure meds as they made me so fatigued.
I just got my drivers license reinstated. So Amantadine can be very helpful, but it can bring on serious problems. Be well, be careful.

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