Is anyone taking a medication that makes the ataxia worse?

I had been taking Codeine for aches and pain! Could not get of bed!..I'll never touch that stuff again ~ Ibuprofen works a treat when taken as directed..Too much of de Vino also is a no-no! lol

..Take care Teresa.. Ozzy

I had a seizure many years ago prior to being diagnosed. Tests done at the time were unable to provoke a seizure, in fact I never had another one. But, because of episodes of deja vous, I was obliged to take anti seizure medication in order to drive. A Neurologist diagnosed Epilepsy and prescribed Carbamazaphine, this actually made my balance worse. I went on to have chronic eye problems. Eye problems are listed as a side effect of Carbamazaphine, the Neurologist brushed this off.

Also, at the time, I was taking high doses of evening primrose oil for PMS. This certainly didn’t help me.

not yet. not taking anything for ataxia but for other things