Movement specialist

Well, seeing the movement specialist was a complete waste of time! First of all we sat in the exam room for an hour. When he finally showed up he was rude, arrogant and had no answers for me. He said my symptoms could be a number of different things. He agreed that I have ataxia but to go back to my primary neurologist and have her do testing for what type. He didn't want to do any further testing and acted like we were wasting his time.. this is a movement specialist who does not specialize in ataxia? How frustrating! He told me to go to the Mayo clinic.

What do you do when resources have been exhausted?.My primary neurologist was more quick about my symptoms so maybe she will have better answers.

Teresa, that was awful, I can imagine how you feel. I live in the UK and we have a different health service. I once paid privately to see a specialist who had me in tears. He was the vilest Doctor, he told me I didn’t have a problem with vertigo and then sent a letter hinting I was hysterical, with his bill.

If at all possible, see a Neurologist who actually specialises in Ataxia, they aren’t all clued up about the condition.

The National Ataxia Foundation has links to Neurologists and Ataxia Centres.

Chin up, best wishes :slight_smile: xB

There are no specialists for Ataxia! No-one except us! use this site and many other URL's to figure out what suits you best,Teresa ...Do not spend another $ on experts..there ain't none..Btw my girl friend spells her name Teressa..

..Best wishes..chin-up..Ozzy

Thank You Ozzy! I do feel like We are the only expert, . Everyone here has validated the fact that I am not crazy, and it is so nice to know there are others everywhere around the world that can relate.I am grateful for this site!

Sadly, this is a common experience…

Yes, The Patient is the Expert in their own Condition.

Shame that this is NOT something that GPS or consultant Neurological professionals seem to accept !