Muscle Spasums

My mom and I both have SCA6. She is having back pain. Her PC and a urologist think it may be related to the Ataxia. Any thoughts from the cyber world please?

Hi Ronnie. I have arthritis really bad in my knees. And my back really hurt. I went to my GP and she said it was due to ataxia. And she could not help me. So I called my neurologist. And she said proudly not due to ataxia. So she gave me the phone number of a good Orthopedic doctor. So then he did a MRI of my back and found a bulging disk in my back. I went for a series of 3 epideros (?) in my back. I have been pain free for about 2 years. Its coming back after two years. But I know it worked and was the right diagnostic!

Get a proper check on the disk that is bulging by your Ortho.

Any more than about 10mm and it will affect the nerves in your spine. Tingling sensations in the legs are a bad sign

This will then require an operation and typically fusing the joint in your back that is affected

Sorry I cut you short I had someone at the door. To finish what I said. Go to a good Orthopedic doctor of sport Medicine. I will go back because the pain was so bad. Good luck in what you do!

This might not answer your question, but it's certainly related: .

A rheumatologist told me that although not directly due to cerebellar ataxia, much of my muscular and spine deterioration/pain discomfort is due to the way ataxia causes me to move about. The body is always compensating and therefore stress is put on muscles, joints and spine.


Hi ronnie,i had cronic lower back pain for about 15 yrs so my ortho sugested i have my 4&5 lumber disks removed so i agreed that was about 20 yrs ago i had the op,it was prob the worst decision i ever made with my health before that time i did not have EA &since the op i have no end of probs with the complete spine top & their is no way i would have spine surgery unless i was wheelchair bound,not a good idea mesing about near the spinal cord,take care frank'o


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Obviously it depends on where the pain is, and what's causing it. In your mother's case, you say the Doctors are suggesting it might be part of the Ataxia, rather than a separate condition for other reasons.

If muscle spasms are involved, the Doctors might need to assess her carefully, to check for dystonia and spasticity in any limbs (they can look very similar), or symptoms that look a bit like Parkinson's Disease (parkinsonism, with stiffness of limbs and back, slow movements, and tremor). These have all been seen in other cases of SCA6. The treatment will vary according to the type of muscle spasms or stiffness, and where it is.

Ataxia UK have a good info leaflet on "Pain in Ataxia", which describes the pains at the base of the spine, neck problems, frozen shoulder etc., whether from muscle spasms or "wear and tear" from adapting different postures to cope with Ataxia, and what treatments might work for it:

Meanwhile, here is some general info about SCA6, which mentions Dystonia:

In my case, I don't have SCA6, but I do have mild Ataxia, with Dystonia problems all over my body, and some parkinsonism and other problems, but no spasticity. My lower back does get mild to moderate aching, but in my case it's the neck pulling, "frozen shoulder" and above all, headaches that's most painful. I'm waiting for further tests and identifying what treatments would be best in my case.

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Oh, you could also check for curvature of the spine (scoliosis), as seen when she's standing up. See if one shoulder is lower than the other, with the hip pulling up on the same side, so she slightly bends over to one side. Dystonia type muscle spasms in the neck and shoulder can cause this, and are quite common in Ataxia. This could then cause upper and lower back pain.

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I have bulging disc which triggers low back ache and this increases when I exercise with weights. I do have PMA and muscle spasms could be felt often but after homeopathic medication it is not occurring now. Muscle ailments to some extent can be tackled by homeopathy for I feel much better after one and a half months of homeopathy. I need to have my EMG done in September and I will be able to say more concretely then. I also do acupuncture and I am using a walker in doors and wheel chair outdoors.