Pain in knees?

Today was probably the worst day since I’ve been diagnosed. Pretty much all day I had pain in my knees both while sitting and standing. Just very painful. Tonight i will try sleeping with some heat between my legs hopefully that will give me some relief. But is this a common sign for SCA7 or just SCA in general?

Hi :blush: Pain, in various forms, isn’t unusual for most ataxians,
whatever the type. But, not all pain should be put down to ataxia symptoms. It’s always wise to consult a doctor🙂

I have pain in my right arm, it could be due to one of three things. Arthritis ( diagnosed), lack of prescribed exercise after radiotherapy or, muscle spasm because of ataxia🤔

Inactivity causes stiffness ( I know only too well what it feels like to sit in one position too long):roll_eyes: Stiffness can be very painful. I’m overweight, probably putting extra stress on my joints and causing pain​:roll_eyes:

So, there are recommended medications specifically for ataxia symptoms see Fact Sheet on Print it off and show it to your doctor, not all doctors are up to speed :slightly_smiling_face:xB

Thank you for replying. I’m going to try and be more active and do more exercises. I do spend a lot of time in one position for a while, maybe thats whats causing this? Im not sure but i will also try and get to the doctor one of these days.

Hi Dolo23,

I’ve also had pain in my knee (doesn’t help I’ve had 4 Arthroscopic treatments done on 1 knee) and usually find watching my weight helps to move around a bit.