My favorite mobility device

This is NOT an ad or anything. I just want to share something that I wish I had found a LOOOONG time ago. Through the years, as we have dealt with SCA2 it was constantly repeated - "Ataxia is a 'use it or lose it' condition --- so KEEP MOVING!"

And my husband always did just that. He would use his walker - and we would walk. But, when he became tired, the option was to sit in his walker's seat until he felt rested enough to move again. He has a scooter but that only exercises his fingers as he manipulates the controls. He hated to use the wheelchair because then he was getting no exercise (unless I made him push me in it - and don't think I didn't!!)

In browsing the Internet mobility items I came across the Drive Medical Duet Transport wheelchair/rollator and for a long time it has been an answer to my prayers. My husband can use it as a walker and, if he tires, he sits in it, we flip out the foot rest and the arm rests, and I can push him the rest of the way. Granted, it is not as easy for the "pusher" as a full sized wheelchair (wheels are, of course, smaller) but for indoor situations (malls, movie theatres, etc) it is great - I can push my 225 lb husband with ease. And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, he is able to walk for as long as he could before sitting.

I'm sure this is not the only device of its type, and the whole concept may not be new to most of you - but if this helps even one person I will be ecstatic. If anyone decides to research this - check out all the Internet sites - the site prices vary quite a bit - and some sites offer free shipping while others do not. At our time of purchase All Time Medical was the best.

Hope this helps someone!!!!!!

Thanks for the info. KatCap21! ;o)


This does look good! I asked my doctor for a prescription for my walker, so insurance paid for it. I'm sure the same would be true for this devise (in the USA). The rollator hand brakes don't work for me because my grip is too weak, plus it just looks too fast for me. So I got this instead. I just push down to stop. Easy peasy. The seat flips down to sit on in a hurry. That was really important for me.


Sorry the image didn't work.

I have this model. When I was told I had to buy one I found it and thought it would be the best option. Check out ebay and Amazon. I got mine on ebay for $140 US.