National Ataxia Registry: Facilitating recruitment for ataxia research

National Ataxia Registry: Facilitating recruitment for ataxia research.

Welcome to the National Ataxia Registry. The purpose of the registry is to collect basic information on individuals with all types of ataxias. This information will be used to facilitate and expedite clinical trials and get us all closer to treatments for ataxias, including the Spinocerebellar Ataxias (SCA’s).

By registering on the National Ataxia Registry your name and contact information will be available to researchers who will be conducting ataxia research and clinical trials of various therapies for treatment of ataxia.

Recruitment for clinical trials and studies for rare diseases, like ataxia, often take a long period of time. Your participation in this registry could help speed up that process considerably because your information would be shared with scientists and companies recruiting patients for clinical trials and research on patients with ataxias.

The National Ataxia Registry is only for individuals diagnosed with a degenerative form of ataxia