Neck pain

I have been having a lot of pain trying to hold my head up. I don’t feel too bad earlier in the day or when I am sitting or lying down but when I start walking with crutches or walker it gets a lot worse and I cant find a comfortable way to hold my head… I have looked at what kind of neck braces are available, but I have not looked around local. Do any people here find they are in neck pain and how do you help it. My doctor said I just need to do neck exercises and printed me out a sheet of about 5 neck exercises and I get no relief at all. I get a lot of spasms and twisting in my neck since neck cancer operation in 2005. Jerry

When using crutches I think we have a tendency to tilt our head up and back. Try to pull your head in a bit…like you have a double chin…but not tilting it down toward your feet. Also, if you lie down with your head resting on a soft bound book, or books if you’ve a rounded back or thick torso, for 15 minutes each morning and evening that might relieve the pain. I’ll look and see if I have a video clip…it’s part of the Alexander Technique. JD

try wearing a magnet necklace. there black & you can get them on ebay . not expensive at all. make sure its a nikken brand

:slightly_smiling_face: The exact site for the cause of pain isn’t always that easy to pinpoint. As has been said, gentle therapy like the Alexander Technique is known to help with pain relief, and also help to change bad habits relating to posture. Discomfort that you think relates to your operation must be worrying. If the prescribed exercises are no help, ask for a referral for a second opinion. xB

Sorry, I’ve yet to find a video clip of what I described…I’ll keep looking…Google Alexander Technique…a good start. JD