I was just wondering what type of pains you get related to your ataxia
If any

Hi Sam - I get muscle pain all over - rheumatologist has tested me for everything and has deduced that the pains are caused by ataxic walk and movement - stress on muscles and joints.

I also have 'nerve' pain in foot since operation to have it straightened in 2002. Just have to 'manage' that by resting in fully reclined position.

I do take naproxin [anti-inflammatory] twice a day.

Take care, Patsy

Thanks for your reply

Do you get pain Sam? I was referred to pain management clinic at hospital - would that help you?


I just get the leg pains, throbbing muscles, cramp, stiff legs. The only thing i find which helps this is regulay exacise. i do excersizes what help strengthern my legs and i try to use diffrent muscle groups for what i use when walking(stumpling)eg cycling,rowing machine, which i havn't been doing for the past few months, i thing thats why my legs are so painful at the moment.

I get joint pains in my wrists, and pain in my hands, and knee pain, ankle I also tend to get muscle cramps in my legs and sometimes my neck,
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Patsy said:

Do you get pain Sam? I was referred to pain management clinic at hospital - would that help you?


Do you have anything prescribed for you?

Patsy x

Perhaps its the way we move or don't, putting a strain on our muscles when we use them or try to.

No I have nothing prescribed for the pain

Patsy said:

Do you have anything prescribed for you?

Patsy x

Maybe you need to 'consult' with GP or Neurologist and asked to be referred to a Pain Management clinic.

Patsy x

Have tou tried doing some light excersize?


jason spencer said:

Have tou tried doing some light excersize?

we are all very different but I find taking turmeric really helps. I take one in the morning and one at night. I get them from
Be very careful when taking anything to be sure it does not react with drugs you are taking.I find this website very good for checking thing
Hope it works for you.

For muscle pain relief, I use Glucosamine brand Pain Relief Gel found here.

I wish I could find a way to stop biting my tongue when I chew my food. It really hurrts. I try to chew slowly but sometimes it happens anyway.

thanks for answering everybody

Hi Sam and all,

It is fast approaching 0300 here and I am finding it very difficult to get to sleep so came on to LWA for a quick browse of the forum.

The reason I am finding it difficult to get to sleep relates directly to your question! Though I have taken my nightly pain killers and relaxants I currently have a lot of pain - particularly in my lower back (as always) and my neck and shoulders!

I was told at a young age (around 9 or 10) that I had fibrositis - a condition, I was told, usually only affects older people. Fibrositis is now more commonly known as, or as part of fibromyalgia. My GPs and neurologists have not pursued the fibromyalgia aspects of my ‘condition’ thus far they seem to think my pains are related to my ataxia(s).

I have constant lower back pain which was put down to a problem with “A cluster of nerves in the lumber region” as my physio put it. I was shown a model that demonstrated how nerves run through the spine to help explain the problem.

Almost certainly as a result of my ataxia(s) and linked to a knee injury some years ago, I have regular ‘shooting’ and ‘throbbing’ pains in my legs and knees too.

I recently had a change to stronger meds and this has helped some as did changing to using two walking sticks when I need to walk outside for appointments and such. (I have an agreement with ‘rollators’ in that they keep away from me and I do not trip over trying to use them!)

I find that regular exercise does help (over all) and have been attending a gym twice a week to great affect. I also have use of a Wii games console that I really should use more! I have a Wii board but my poor balance means I have to sit to use it - this ‘freaks out’ the Wii board software somewhat!

Any who, the pain has dropped in intensity some, so I am going to try to get some sleep.

I would just like to let you know to never feel silly or such about asking questions on this forum as the other users are always informative, helpful when they can be and generally a nice bunch. :slight_smile:

I too use Wii exercise to maintain fitness and posture which goes a long way to preventing pain.

I also take Naproxen [anti inflammatory] twice a day and Baclofen in the evening.

My favourite 'aid' for getting to sleep at night - or even a good rest during the day - is my hypnotherapy cd.

If I have to go out in the afternoon [my usual rest time], I lay on the bed with this CD and even if I dont nap, I feel totally relaxed.

My CD actually belongs to Ken [my husband] and is for the relief of pain - it was recorded by his hypnotherapist but I am sure you can get them quite easily online.

Patsy x

Does anyone find ataxia is better some days than other? Thanks Lynn.

Yes definitely - I dont know if my mood affects my ability to cope and or my inability to cope affects my mood!!