New Features

We have presence feature in chat! Just click the chat Button above Of course its a whole new chat along with a whole bunch of new things notice the new tabs above. Mod Support has been Hard at work especially Seenie who is now an expert at embellishing Google slides with arrows and hearts and other things (more to come like music and video backgrounds) We also have a live support/help desk for those technical problems. Its not staffed 24-7 yet but is most days M-F 9:00AM - 5:00PM MST and when ever one of our ModSupport Staff is manning the Work Room (its an international Staff so you never know.

Just a word of warning some this stuff (including the Chat Room) is bare bones functional, we’ll be going back and hanging real curtains and making it purty over time.

Speaking of Going Kaboom the new All things Ben Rare Disease site has done so more than once while putting it together. (I just did an all’nighter in fact getting it back up after crashing everything because our ISP thought I was a hacker several weeks work was trashed in seconds)

Check it out: Not only are all the training slides for members there there are links to all our communities along with the latest posts on those communities. There are also some great resources for Rare disease in General. Attached to this site is our general rare disease community which is our primary source for new communities. We still hope to start another 10 communities this year.

A quick word about chat, you may have to login the first time you use it or when you are ona new device for the first time chatting, just follow the instructions above the red box. Its only two things. Seenie is busy making a slide show on how to do it.

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