One week to go until Chicago! (MNDA)

One week to go until Chicago!

November 28, 2012 — Samantha Price

November has been an incredibly busy time for us, not because of Christmas, but because the 23rd International Symposium on ALS/MND is now only one week away! We’ve been incredibly busy building up for this year’s symposium including; preparing the final abstract book, promoting the #alssymp hashtag on Twitter and gathering enough information to support Belinda before she flies off to Chicago.

Abstracts, abstracts, abstracts!

As well as all of this, the abstracts were, for the first time, made available online, with free open-access, earlier this month. This was a milestone for us as previous years we just had hard copies of all of the abstracts available at the symposium. However, with advances in mobile technology and WiFi, this year it was decided that only the platform presentations would be available as hard copies during the symposium and all abstracts would be available online and free to view for all.

You can view and download the abstracts online now via our website.

Reporting LIVE

We, the Motor Neurone Disease Association, will be proudly reporting LIVE from the symposium through this blog. We will be reporting on a variety of interesting topics and talks so that you can be up to date with what is happening in terms of MND research.

If you want to follow the symposium on Twitter, you can do so by following the #alssymp hashtag.

What is the difference between a Motor neuron disease and a movement disorder? Does anybody there know?

-Citation from Wikipedia:

The motor neuron diseases (MND) are a group of neurological disorders that selectively affect motor neurons, the cells that control voluntary muscle activity including speaking, walking, breathing, swallowing and general movement of the body. They are generally progressive in nature, and cause progressive disability and death.

Sometimes the term "motor neuron disease is used for ALS and sometimes also for some more diseases (see wikipedia).

And there is a list of Movement Disorders (not all).


Cerebral Palsy is a movement disorder

Progressive Bulbar Palsy is a motor neuron disease.

This Neurology actually seems so complicated for me. I can not discriminate between one brain MRI picture and the others. They seem to be all the same. Where are the times mankind did not need all this? I wonder if people in stoneage were affected by ataxia etc. or not. Are these diseases a property of mankind? Then they should also have a positive effect on mankind.

I go to many Neurology related meetings / conferences and I am continually amazed at the amount of symptoms that alot of the neurological conditions that "overlap" or indeed "have in common"

I think it is Good to share this information to the benefit of us all


As i am a sort of beginner this has still not happened to me in relation to ALS. I remember me attending an ALS self help meeting in a Viennese caring home. This was 10 years ago. Some engaged relatives of ALS-patients speaking, a lot of others in the auditorium. Helplessness and cluelessness were predominating with the main message: ALS Patients will die immediately,Within three months. There is no help. Hopefully this has changed a little in the meantime.

i think it is really good when you share these informations. It s always a benefit.