Orphan Drugs: Free Mobile App Launched By Coté Orphan

Orphan Drugs: Free Mobile App Launched By Coté Orphan

October 22, 2014

Coté Orphan, LLC, a regulatory affairs advisory firm located in Silver Spring, Maryland, announces the launch of a FREE orphan drug mobile app, OrphanDB, that provides the user with up-to-date information on orphan drug designation status for two regulatory agencies:

• US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

• European Medicines Agency (EMA).

OrphanDB provides the user with a 1-stop searching capability, right in one’s pocket. It provides the user with a single location for querying about a product’s orphan status, without having to go to multiple international databases to search for information. The user can search for orphan drugs that match specific requirements such as:

• Disease

• Active compound

• Trade or generic name

• Sponsor company.

OrphanDB also provides:

• Immediate access to FDA/EMA detail information on a specified orphan drug designation submission such as approval status

• Notification capability that allows the user to track the status of an orphan drug.

OrphanDB is available FREE for downloading at:

• iOS users (iTunes)

• Android users (Google play).

Logo courtesy of Coté Orphan, LLC .