World Orphan Drug Congress Patient Advocacy Groups eBook

World Orphan Drug Congress Patient Advocacy Groups eBook

Download this eBook to find out:

  • Who the key patient advocates of today's orphan and rare disease industry are
  • The prospectives of key patient advocates on current and future challenges which face the orphan drug industry
  • The importance of patient advocacy groups within today's industry and the foreseeable future
  • What each advocate believes is the most significant change needed to improve the orphan drug development market

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Very Informative, thanks for share alan thomas,are u going to attend upcoming World Orphan Drug Congress at Brussels,November? Iam trying to attend this as Patient Advocate of my Ataxia Support Group and our Umbrella Group @INDIAN ORGANISATION OF RARE DISEASES,

Please Let me know,


chandu George.


I am indeed attending, plus there will be Ataxia S Wales "pop-up" banner will be on display in the patient alliance

I hope to meet you, in person, (we have been virtual "friends" online for a long time) (twitter @alanROYGBIV )

Looking forward to it

World Orphan Drug Congress - 12-14th November - Brussels, Europe 2014