Hi everyone,

I am attending the fencing event on 9/4. My husband is competing in fencing. His name is Gerard Moreno. Please say a prayer or some good vibes for his success.

I attended the opening ceremonies, it was a phenomenal show. I have visited the Olympic village where the athletes are treated like royalty. The participation from the English people in attending the events has been remarkable. This is our fourth Paralympics and the attendance has never been like this. They are so enthusiastic many of them commenting that they had no interest in the Olympics.

London has so much history, beautiful monuments, palaces, churches, parks. It is very clean. This is my third trip to London and I am still impressed and I will not be able to see everything this time.

All the very best of luck to Gerard! Lovely to have someone to keep an eye out for.

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time too : )

Pob Lwc / Good luck

hope to meet one day (Paralympics later this week)

Alan Thomas

Ataxia South Wales


What events are you attending. We are leaving for Rome on the 7th

Thanks Marty