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I tend to agree with mostly everything but the last one on your first link, walking down the stairs backwards. Yes it might be easier but I think not only would people get into a bad habit but they won't build on the muscles needed to go down the stairs.

Anyone who has either pulled a ligament or hurt their leg/s are told to take one step at a time and work into putting more weigt on the leg and putting weight in the center of their foot while being conscience of each step rolling with it.

I do think allot of what we have to relearn is something we all can adapt doing much better than before. I really think what a person can build up to depends on where they are starting out health wise and strength wise.

Over all I really think this was a great post. I'm such a believer now in nutrition. Yes meds have a place I feel. I was told by my Dr they were made only for the short term not meant to be taken forever or depend on them.

I've experienced a few but not all. found myself not functioning well at all. So not only do some have really bad side effects (and you'll need another to counteract that one's sideffects and then another to counteract that one etc treadmill I call it), but So they can help someone to find another way to do it or just break the cycle, for example pain to take for a little while until that person can figure out another way that works for them.

I know everyone wants things to be easier, but I guess we were just chosen to work at it now. I think it comes down to excepting ataxia, but moving on. Not letting it rule or keep us from experiencing life. Ok so it looks different, Ok. :0)

Check this out when you have time. He has lot's of information on his site! Also, click on the little guy in the right corner to see a video.

Thank you!

I know Dr. Tom Clouse of Walking With Ataxia, and worked with him for several weeks. Walking downstairs backwards gives your brain a point of reference. The stairs are in front of you instead of a wide open space. If you should fall, you will fall forward into the stairs, rather than being airborne down the whole flight. It really is much better for someone who is advanced and unsure on stairs.

Glad to hear that you also worked with Dr. Tom. Maybe you are right but then again maybe it just depends. We both know everyone's ataxia is a bit different so what ever works right? As long as a person is making some progress I guess. But that doesn't sound very helpful to me. I didn't see Dr Tom suggesting that one. Hummmmm I guess I'm from the school that getting used to doing things too easy makes a person expect things to go easy and will loose more function by not trying or pushing a bit more that's all. But that's what's so great about different thoughts. Everyone can take what they want/what works for them and leave the rest. :0)

Are you from Chicago Il? :0)

By the way, these are 2 pages on my website I run The Fight Ataxia Project based near Chicago. We are a non-profit that supports ataxia education, and does fundraising for the Ataxia Center at University of Chicago. It is run by Dr. Christopher Gomez who is professor and chair of the neurology dept and is also our medical advisor and on the medical board at the NAF. He is probably one of the best ataxia minds on the planet, and I have known him for almost 20 years.

Jeannie, that's not a Clouse is from other sources, including my own noggin. I also have been running the Chicago Support Group for a long time, and that is a suggestion that many groups use. Yes, been a Chicago person for 56 years...actually born in Germany.

Hi Jonas, I know that wasn't Dr. Tom's suggestion or thought because I don't think he'd support walking backwards.

I believe that in walking backwards we use different muscles and build those up or strengthen those, not the one's ataxia n's need to use. As far as sensory of open spaces I believe a person can desensitize themselves by not avoiding their issues but feeling the fear but doing it anyway. Baby steps work (literally). And focusing but not looking down at placing the weight of the body in the middle of each foot placement.By avoiding open spaces on the stairs I feel that fear grows. That's all.

I used to do people's hair and had quite a few Dr's as clients myself. I soon realized they are people also. They have good days and bad. They are human beings. So I don't think of their words as law. I see them as working with me as a team effort. But that's just my experience. :0)

So please don't think that I belittling you or Dr Gomez at all, because I'm not. I think out of the box (what ataxian's are told they can or can not do) I feel there is always a first time for everything.

I think you are doing wonders with your ataxia and I'm impressed with what your doing there! You are making a real difference. I think you are touching a lot of ataxian's in a very positive way than you realize. :0)

But I disagree. And it's ok to disagree! :0)