Prayer & Healing

1St time me to answer any thing from our group.

I just want to let everyone know that prayer truly is healing .

Not necessarily like a meracle WOW !

I have so much comfort and peace in my whole person.

I realize how lucky I really am , I don't have to look far to see

the countless numbers of people who envy what I have.

Maybe this isn't what you request for this site

God Bless and keep all of us.

Lassie Elena


People are amazed at me also how the Lord help me to cope with with so many things going on in my body at one time and all of the severe pain I am in constantly. Arthritis in both hips and lower back.It hurts so bad to sit or sometimes even lay down.I suppose to have had a total shoulder replacement on my right .I forgot to stop my blood thinners so it had to be set for August the 24th.All things work together for those that love the Lord because I went to my heart Dr. Wednesday and he need to do a P.E.T. on my heart Wednesday coming to see if my blood is flowing right..So everyone pray for me.