I have dull senses( hearing and touch) I am also sensitive to light as well as sound. I have sca7 but could this just be my own problems not really symptoms of the disease?

:slightly_smiling_face: I don’t have SCA7 but my hearing can vary depending on the particular pitch I’m listening to. Loud noise or music can be very unsettling. Even before being diagnosed I once had to sit through a Brass Band Concert and was less than appreciative at the end :grimacing:

Lots of us notice changes in the sense of touch, I frequently lose my grip on cutlery etc and find myself fumbling more often now. It is disconcerting, and for me, the more I stress about it, the worse it gets. Eating out and having to use cutlery can require a lot of concentration in order to avoid mishaps :expressionless: I have arthritis in my hands, and this is adding to difficulties.

I’ve had eye problems for many years, situations where there is either bright light, or poor light usually makes me disorientated. Going out after dark is dangerous, I lose all sense of spatial awareness and perception of depth, and my legs automatically stiffen.

These symptoms are common to several of the Ataxias, if you have particular concerns, for peace of mind, it’s often helpful to discuss them with your doctor :slightly_smiling_face: xB

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I recently have arthritis in my hands. There’s just so much going on with me so suddenly. Sometimes I feel at a loss as to what to do.

:smirk: Sometimes a sudden ‘overload in symptoms’ is your bodies way of telling you to rest. I’ve been stressed recently and fatigue really kicked in, all you can do is go with the flow if that’s the case. On the other hand, when symptoms seem to be extra challenging, and currently you don’t take medication, it’s always worth a visit to your doctor for advice. There are recommended medications for a variety of ataxia symptoms :slightly_smiling_face:
Feeling ‘not quite on top of things’ is something we all experience at some time or another :smirk: Fortunately, most of the time we can ‘bounce back’ :slightly_smiling_face: It can be very helpful to speak to your doctor about this, ataxia is challenging enough without an extra struggle :slightly_smiling_face: xB