Protandim Complementary therapy

Six years experience with supplement Protandim. You can pm me with any questions.

And, my discussion and link to info on Protandim was also worth deleting?

I do not understand. Was it deleted?

Hello Andy (or Ben)

The link was not info on Protandim. It was a blogger who knows nothing about it and has no experience with it but he does have an opinion. Please be aware that these bloggers have many ads on their sites and they make money on “pay per clicks” and nothing gets more clicks than a negative review on something that has many positive reviews, as no one wants to be “scammed”.
The fact that pterostilbene has many studies is due to the fact that it has been known of for some time and it is one thing.
Protandim has five ingredients—milk thistle, green tea, turmeric, ashwaganda, and bacopa.—all natural ingredients but it took Dr. McCord 42 years of trial and error to get the right ratio of the ingredients —a synergy making the turmeric for example 1800% more effective in this combination. So because no one can take the same ingredients separately and get the same results this all natural product has 6 US patents and 2 foreign patents. The fact that 23 medical universities have spent their own money to study a supplement on diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. has never happened before.
I became a true believer in 2011 after my husband became a “new man” in terms of energy, mental clarity, and stamina after his first week—then my neighbor who had been on strongest possible pain killers for a year and a half after bad surgery left her ankle inflamed so that she wore a boot called me amazed that her inflammation was gone and her pain was gone after 3 months on Protandim—then my friend’s husband called from leaving his pulmonologist to thank me with tears in his voice because his lung disease (sarcoidosis) improved so that the doctor was in disbelief that his lung function was normal (20 years of the disease and was on oxygen 24 hours a day) now only on oxygen at night and energy to lift weights. After the second call, I had tears running down my cheeks and looked up and said “OK Lord —You are not guiding me—You are pounding me on the head—I will do this —I will help people”

Bottom line is this—I have over 6 years experience and have gone to the science seminars and am willing to answer questions to help people. But as I am a caretaker for my husband, I have no interest in emailing to someone who wants to use Supplement Geek as the expert. I do not say this to offend you.

If you think something else is better—great. I am not trying to “sell” Protandim. I call myself a Georgia PEACH (Provide Education And Create Hope). As you know, ataxia is a horrible disease. Protandim does not cure it. But as a desperate wife, I look into anything that can help his quality of life.

Warm wishes,



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I would love more information and where too get it. I live in Australia

Rachel–Private message me and I will give you the info and answer any questions

You can see the ABC news clip at